Achievable New Year’s resolutions for your health

With 2019 upon us, it’s time for fresh starts and new beginnings. If you’ve put your health on the back-burner, New Year’s resolutions can help introduce beneficial changes to your lifestyle. While the NHS believe that only one in 10 of us actually stick with New Year’s resolutions, here are some you’ll actually want to keep. They’ll make you feel fantastic and are easy to commit to.

Run a half marathon 

We’re starting big, but this is perhaps the most rewarding resolution. If we put our minds to it, most of us are capable of running, jogging or even walking 13.1 miles. Sign up to a half marathon and use the first months of 2019 to ease yourself into a training programme. You’ll find yourself gradually building up mileage, speed and fitness – which has amazing effects on your heart health, including lower blood pressure and a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases. Plus, most half marathons allow you to raise money for charity, so your hard work is for a brilliant cause. 

Sign up to a half marathon and use the first months of 2019 to ease yourself into a training programme

Enjoy what you eat 

After indulging over the festive period, many people aim to give up certain foods in the New Year. However, cutting out carbs and chocolate altogether might make mealtimes miserable. The key is to eat fatty and sugary foods in moderation, and put more time and effort into preparing nutritious dishes made up of healthier ingredients. This way, you’ll still keep your weight under control and feel the revitalising powers of the vitamins and minerals in your food – without experiencing cravings because you haven’t banned anything from your diet. 

Give Veganuary a go 

There’s no getting away from the facts – veganism has loads of health benefits. An environmentally-friendly plant-based diet is low in fat and rich in nutrients, and it reduces animal suffering. If you’ve been toying with the idea of cutting out animal products, January is the perfect time to try it! Veganuary was established to encourage people to make the transition to veganism in the first month of the year. There’s plenty of expert advice and information at, including vegan recipes to get you started. Who knows – after four weeks you might be feeling healthier than ever and want to ditch meat and dairy forever. 

Veganuary was established to encourage people to make the transition to veganism in the first month of the year

Drink more water

This is a really simple resolution, but far too many of us don’t drink enough water. According to a recent survey conducted by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, a staggering 89 percent of the British population is not maintaining hydration levels. Water makes up to 60 percent of an adult’s body weight, and performs crucial roles including carrying nutrients around the body and regulating temperature. Staying hydrated can improve concentration and also leads to a healthier appearance. We should drink around two litres of water a day, so strive to reach that this month – and all year. 

Clear your mind

After the mad rush of December, it’s important to have a mental detox in January. This can be achieved in many ways, including setting aside some time to meditate daily. Meditation and mindfulness help control blood pressure and reduce stress. Another way to keep your mind clear from worry as we see in the New Year is by making sure you get enough sleep for your body to function at its optimum. Aim for 8 hours a night throughout January – you’ll thank us for it! 

Meditation and mindfulness help control blood pressure and reduce stress

Understand your body better 

In order to set New Year’s resolutions which will transform your life, it’s important that you understand the current state of your health first. This will enable you to make the necessary changes for your own body, rather than following the crowd and opting for predictable resolutions. 

All of our DNA tests provide you with a personalised report based on your genes, offering you suggestions to improve your personal health. Whether you want to find out more about your own nutrition, gut health, or risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, all of our products aim to help you understand your body better. Using that information, you can start working on the best resolutions for you. We’d recommend keeping a health journal so you can make a note of factors such as fitness training, meal plans, water consumption and sleeping patterns. This makes sticking to your healthy New Year’s resolutions (and building on them) a much easier process.

Good luck and Happy New Year! 


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