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Everything You Need to Know About DNA Fitness Testing - Qlu Health | Qlu Health

Everything You Need to Know About DNA Fitness Testing

DNA testing is all over the news lately; whether that’s because long-lost siblings and parents have been reunited, or a scaremongering article about personal information being shared, it’s astonishing just how intrigued the world is by the insights DNA can give us. But as you can probably tell from those headlines, this still emerging industry is filled with uncertainties for those who haven’t delved far enough into it. Today we’re going to expel some of those myths and help you understand what really goes on in our labs.

What is DNA?

DNA testing might seem like something out of a sci-fi novel or film, or even just resigned to the realm of TV murder mysteries to find the killer, but in reality, it can reveal so much more about our personal health and wellness than you might expect.

DNA is the genetic code contained in every cell in your body that makes you unique. A single strand of DNA contains genes which carry the instructions of how you’re built, why your body works in certain ways, how you differ from the person stood next to you, the dinosaurs that existed millions of years ago, and the banana you ate for breakfast – although apparently, we even have genes in common with them!

Look closely at these unique pieces of DNA and you can find insights into your future. In terms of nutrition and fitness DNA testing, these tests can reveal your genetic predispositions towards allergies, intolerances and sensitivities to certain food types; they can uncover how your body will respond to certain types of exercise and diet; they can even predict how well you will perform in certain conditions and with different nutritional needs.

Misconceptions about DNA testing

The big problem with DNA testing is that it’s an industry that’s still relatively in its infancy, meaning there are a number of misconceptions and misunderstandings about how it works.

Myth 1: Inaccurate results


People are sceptical over whether a test that can take less than a minute to complete at home can really rival those in hospitals and laboratories.
In reality, our home DNA test is backed by scientific research and recognised leading labs around the world. Working with these partners, our clinical strength test portfolio is available to the public directly rather than needing to go through other channels.

Myth 2: The test is painful


We’ve all seen the scientists with their needles and gloves extracting blood to get to the DNA hidden deep inside you, but with DNA fitness testing, this simply isn’t the case. You use a swab to collect saliva from inside your cheek, meaning it’s totally painless and easy for anyone to do. No needles involved!

Myth 3: My data will be shared


Irreputable companies or those without guidelines on what to do with your data have been known to pass on information in the past, but our promise is to never sell or broker your data or samples. Using a respected company will guarantee your data security.

Myth 4: The results are confusing


Some fitness DNA tests simply pass on your lab results and leave you to figure them out yourself. At Qlu Health, we follow up with an easily understandable report and highly trained staff available to help you know what steps to follow up on for a complete health plan.

Myth 5: Your DNA will be used to clone you

…like the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park.


Well, not quite yet anyway. The realm of a simple DNA swab being used to clone humans is still confined to the world of sci-fi, even if they did make it look simple when they extracted dinosaurs’ blood from mosquitoes preserved in amber.

That’s not to say that the potential for DNA to reveal more about us and the way we work in future is limited – in fact, the potential is huge and ever growing, with continuous research into how DNA testing can be used in bigger and better ways in years to come.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of DNA fitness testing and want to know more about your own body, check out our NutriQlu test.


Our NutriQlu test will unlock the secrets of your DNA to identify genetic predispositions for food intolerances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, ideal exercise type and more.

Train smarter, eat better and recover faster with key insights from your custom genetic report.

If you’re looking to lose weight, get lean, gain muscle and optimise your diet take the first step with a NutriQlu personalised nutrition and fitness report.


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