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Health Trends for 2019

Health and fitness have been on trend in 2018 like never before. We’ve seen a huge increase in people wanting to live healthy lifestyles and understand their unique bodies better so they can do the best for them. 2019 is set to be no different; in fact, we’re excited to predict that wellness trends will continue to take a turn for the more positive as people focus on their personal health and make it their priority to know what’s best for them.

Here are our full predictions for health trends in 2019:

Establishing healthy habits

Pinterest told us that establishing healthy habits for your lifestyle in general will be a top trend in 2019 – in fact, searches for nutrition plans on their site are up by 475%. The goal in making wellness a priority and recurring habit in your life is to help you both recover faster as well as preventing burn out in the first place with self-care – taking time out for yourself with mindfulness and meditation.

These are the top ways you can improve your healthy habits in 2019:

Meal prep

This isn’t just a pretty Instagram trend! Prepping healthy and sustainable meals in advance will ensure that you’re eating a balanced diet day in, day out, and will save time thanks to your productivity and money in the long run thanks to less waste. Keep in even more on trend by incorporating new and unusual ingredients – see below for some examples of these.

Sleep Optimisation

In 2019, the quality of your sleep rather than quantity should be priority. Research into sleep habits has shown the importance of the hormones cortisol and melatonin, how they work in rhythm and balance to optimise your sleep. People will learn more about how balancing these hormones plays a big role in sleep and understanding your own personal Circadian Rhythm,meaning sleep quality and thus overall health will increase. Here are the top ways to improve your sleep:

  • Reduce screen time before bed.
  • Block blue light from your bedroom.
  • Use a sleep tracker to learn how your individual body works.
  • Reset your internal body clock by going to bed earlier – 9.30pm is recommended – and keeping a routine, even on weekends.

Going dry

There has been a huge decrease in alcohol consumption in the UK over the past 10 or so years. In fact, Generation Z has been said to have the lowest rates of alcohol consumption, and around 10.6million people in the UK said that they do not drink alcohol at all in 2016.

As people realise the short and long term impact alcohol has on their bodies, particularly on their fitness levels, mental health and diet, going “dry” will be taken up by even more of the population.

Intuitive health

Eating intuitively to get back to basics is set to spike in 2019. Intuitive eating explores understanding what your individual body needs –this might be through trial and error, feeling out what your body reacts best to, or through nutrition DNA or food sensitivity testing.

The “Pegan” diet

While every year sees at least one new diet take off and hit the headlines – the 5:2 of 2012, the Keto diet of 2017 – we expect to see the“Pegan” diet take hold in 2019. This part-paleo, part-vegan diet takes eating back to its roots. Incorporating a diet rich in plant-based nutrients alongside the healthy fats of good, basic meat, it’s one that many health professionals advocate.

Alternative ingredients

2019 will see more alternative and unusual ingredients making it onto our plates. As the world becomes ever smaller, we’re able to get hold of ingredients far more easily, meaning good nutrition is ever more attainable.

Oat milk will be popular rather than almond milk. We’ve discussed the best milk alternatives before, and oat milk often comes out top, so expect to see this continue throughout the year.

Pegged as the new quinoa, chocho is a white bean native to Ecuador that’s high in protein,healthy fats, fibre and various minerals. They’re a hugely versatile ingredient in soups, stews and as a side dish, as well as making a fab healthy snack when roasted, and used in bread, desserts and drinks when ground into flour. These may be the next big superfood!

A surprising addition to your coffee and chocolate in 2019 might be mushrooms! They’re a fantastic source of nutrients, offer the same kick as coffee without the usual side effects of caffeine, and, so we’ve heard, have a rich and mellow taste.

Infused water is nothing new, but this year, we’ll be seeing ginger water as the top option instead of lemon water. With excellent digestive and anti-inflammatory benefits, plus a zingy flavour, this is one we approve of.

Probiotics and prebiotics are essential for your body, and we’re glad to see wellness companies adding them as ingredients to everything from granolas and soups to nut butters, making them more readily available on the shelf for consumers.

Smart Jewellery Tech

It seems like everything is turning smart in 2019, and understanding your body’s individual needs and responses is no different. While wearable smart health trackers have been around for a number of years now, it’s 2019 when these will really become mainstream. They’re also branching out further afield so you’re no longer simply tracking your daily steps and calorie counts; anything from the quantity and quality of sleep you get to your fertility and recovery levels.


Community fitness has never not been on trend, and neither has fitness at home, but as we head into 2019, these two trends will combine with virtual training and online classes that you can join from the comfort of your own living room. This allows far greater access to different options for fitness and help from personal trainers in real time without the need to be in a specific area.

In addition to this, business owners will be taking employee fitness and wellness more seriously. In encouraging corporate fitness through their own gyms or gym subscription perks as well as much more understanding of the need for breaks for self-care, they’re helping to secure the future of their workforce not only through their physical fitness but in mental health too.


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