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“Amazing summary, clear and concise and great to read. Really interesting and had wanted to do one of these type of tests for a while. Would highly recommend!”


“I’ve found my results really helpful, in fact it has helped identify something I was really missing in my diet. I’ve changed my diet which has enabled me to feel much better on the inside. Really helpful and gave me great reassurances.”


“Making the decision to get your genes tested is a very personal one. However, there are no one-size-fits-all when it comes to health which is why I investigated mine with Qlu Health. They offer very specific packages which are what makes them unique. From NutriQlu, GutQlu, CardiacQlu and CancerQlu they’ve got the major systems covered”

Lucy O’Donnell | Cancer Wellness Advisor & Holistic Therapist


“The results were very human-friendly and provided a detailed microbiome report analysing over 100 different organisms with suggestions on how to achieve optimal gut health. It clearly showed me where I might improve and how to improve as well as showing me where I was also doing well. I was also really impressed with their customer service and on-going support and also the confidentiality.”

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