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What is #GirlGains and how can you get involved? - Qlu Health | Qlu Health

What is #GirlGains and how can you get involved?

Whether you’re interested in fitness, health and nutrition or you simply love scrolling through inspirational images on social media, you’ve probably come across the #GirlGains movement. But what does this hashtag mean, and how can you take part in a community that’s so supportive and uplifting?

What is #GirlGains?

#GirlGains is a community open to all women – it’s fully inclusive to anyone identifying as female so that those with a passion to be the best version of themselves can get involved in a united group of strong, empowering women.

The hashtag was begun by three friends, Tally, Vic and Zanna, who you can read more about on their site here. After meeting through Instagram and discovering their shared passion for helping to connect women over their interests in health, fitness and nutrition, they created their own hashtag which would unite these strong, educated women in one place.

The goal of #GirlGains is to give women a place to make informed choices about their own bodies, health and wellness. Visit the hashtag’s page on Instagram, and you’ll find images celebrating healthy body image and nutrition choices with an empowering tone of voice – there’s no room for body shaming or insults, but differing opinions are welcomed. At the time of writing, there are just less than 1 million images share on the #GirlGains hashtag on Instagram – that’s a huge community with a vast amount of inspiration for those looking to make healthy choices in their lives.


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How can I get involved?

To take part in the #GirlGains community, all you need to do is make healthy decisions in your life, however that works best for you personally – because everyone is a different person with a different body – and share your thoughts and inspiration under the hashtag.


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Finding those healthy choices for you can be tricky. It’s a fine balance between learning where your lines sit – do you struggle to stick to a specific diet plan or find the motivation to exercise? Not everyone can get up and get out running every day, nor can everyone eat only a vegan diet and feel satisfied and healthy. The easiest way to find out what options are best for you to live your healthiest life is with our NutriQlu fitness DNA test which will inform you about your optimum nutrition, how you can train to get the most from your body and what you may be sensitive or intolerant to – all unique to your DNA.

Even if you’re not ready to share your own images on the hashtag, you can interact with the community, because what’s a community without its spirit? Follow accounts using the hashtag that is inspirational to you, whether that’s because they have a similar body type or share messages that speak to you.

While #GirlGains is primarily an online community, meaning anyone anywhere can get involved, there are also opportunities to get to know the women who are part of it at #GirlGains events around the world. These include workshops, talks and simply meet and greet style events to allow women with similar interests to find people in the real world they can bond with, leaving at the end of the day with a sense of empowerment, new knowledge and new friends.

If you want to know more about #GirlGains, follow the @TheGirlGains account on Instagram or simply scroll through their hashtag – in no time, you’re bound to find yourself inspired to get up and be the best version of yourself you can be!


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